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Across the Divide

Across the Divide

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Indigenous Australian Ministries

$45000.00 (Once only)

Australian Outback

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Updated 16-08-2022

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Project Details

We have been praying and thinking seriously about this ministry and the trailer that we have been so blessed to be using over the years. Our current trailer is getting fatigued, having completed around half a million kilometres over the last 15 years or so. It's a trailer that has evolved in to what it is, having been used for a lawn-mowing business, moving lots of friends, and now is used solely for our bus trips with Across the Divide.

We see the need to build something that is customised specifically to what we do from the ground up. We can't afford to do this ourselves at this point. Our hope is that others see the value in what we seek to do in getting people thinking seriously about God's purpose for the nations. We do this by taking them out to meet and spend time with faithful Aboriginal Christians and workers and getting involved in what God is doing there. Our ministry may have scope to expand in to other areas with our new partnership with Pioneers of Australia and we're excited to see what God will be doing in the coming years.

Our trailer is used for catering (cooking equipment and storage of food including refrigeration); drinking water; storage of tents/camping gear; participants' luggage; and the facility to transport various items out to missionaries and/or workers as needed.

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