Learning together program for disadvantaged school children

Mukti Australia

Mukti Australia

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Project Summary

Children and Youth Ministries

$20 per month

India or Sri Lanka

Not Tax Deductible

Updated 26-04-2020

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Project Details

Option 1 - Mukti Schools in Punee, India

Your support will help provide educational essentials, school uniforms, bags, books, school fees, activities and excursions for 100 local village students learning in Mukti schools.

What a difference this will make giving each child the chance to thrive at school and bring knowledge and skills into the life of their communities.

Option 2 - After school education program in Sri Lanka

Donations to this new program will support the Wings of Hope After- School Education program, enabling the purchase of teacher resources, educational materials, textbooks and stationery and inclusion of educational activities and excursions for the children.

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