Love Heals

Healthcare for people in remote or poor communities.

Interserve Australia

Interserve Australia

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Project Summary

Disability Support Family Support Health Care Livelihoods (Job Creation)

From $40

Asia & the Arab world

Tax Deductible

Updated 16-02-2022

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Key Points

  • $40.00 can give a table and chair to a child with special needs
  • $100.00 can provide a medical training session for 15 doctors and midwives.
  • $250.00 helps deliver 3 online lectures for medical students
  • $2,000.00 helps train doctors in management plans for children with disabilities

Project Details

Healthcare for people in remote or poor communities.

Interserve equips, supports and sends Australian health professionals into diverse settings, providing primary care and training for local clinicians. Motivated by Christ’s heart of compassion, we provide loving care for the whole person and family.

Your donation provides for accessible, culturally relevant health care that improves wellbeing, saves lives and prevents disability. So all people can experience Love, dignity and fullness of life.

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