Love Respects

Women and men overcoming abuse, and communities building peace.

Interserve Australia

Interserve Australia

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Project Summary

Children and Youth Ministries Family Support Health Care Humanitarian Aid Livelihoods (Job Creation) Sex Workers Women Empowerment

$50.00 (Once only)

Asia, the Arab world and Australia

Tax Deductible

Updated 16-02-2022

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Key Points

  • $50.00 can provide online support for women suffering faith-based exclusion
  • $100.00 helps provide counselling at a women's refuge
  • $250.00 can provide one-on-one mentoring and coaching for 5 women leaders
  • $500.00 helps run a trauma-healing workshop for women

Project Details

Women and men overcoming abuse, and communities building peace.

Your donation supports women and men to overcome violence and abuse, and to work with communities where women feel broken, hurt and unseen.

Interserve counsellors, social workers, advisors and advocates are involved in:

  • women’s shelters and safe houses,
  • child safety training and cultural change,
  • counselling and reconciliation within communities,
  • mentoring men, modelling healthy relationships,
  • equipping women to find their voice against injustice and abuse.

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