Love Understands

People from different backgrounds building mutual respect

Interserve Australia

Interserve Australia

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Project Summary

Children and Youth Ministries Christian Resources Developing Christian Leaders Student Ministry Young Adults

$45.00 (Once only)

Asia, the Arab world and Australia

Not Tax Deductible

Updated 16-02-2022

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Key Points

  • $45.00 can provide CHAT materials for 1 student
  • $90.00 helps run CHAT where young people learn to combat racial bullying
  • $200.00 can help train a CHAT facilitator
  • $500.00 helps develop intercultural resources for schools & churches

Project Details

People from different backgrounds building mutual respect

Your donation helps young people express themselves, build respect and appreciation for one another, and find common ground.

Interserve cross-cultural workers are:

  • training Australian young people in intercultural dialogue,
  • creating employment opportunities where people from different backgrounds can work together,
  • forming partnerships, and
  • teaching cross-cultural skills.

You’ll help create spaces where Love is made tangible, barriers are broken down and strangers become friends.

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