Water Tank Project Proposal for STTAM Bible Collage and Mission Training Centre

Water Tank - Bible Collage and Mission Training
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CentreNias Barat (West) Indonesia

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Updated 02-07-2020

Project Details

In November 2016 we (MV Asia team) made our first visit to Nias Island to find out what God was saying to us and to seek out men and women of Peace who we could connect with. There were several shut doors, but God connected us to some amazing people with a passion for God and for Nias. One of the things we all felt was the need for Nias to have a Bible training centre to train up young leaders for ministry and church planting on Nias and throughout Indonesia. 

However, what we didn’t know was that during 2016 God put it in the hearts of a young couple from Medan Sumatra to sell up their business and move to West Nias to start a Bible training centre for Nias young people. God’s timing is perfect and in November 2018 we were able to connect with this school.  We spent just one day with the leaders and students and loved their vision, passion, commitment and their heart after God. We knew that this was a God connection. Back in 2016 we were right about our desire to see a training centre set up for Nias young people, but God already had it covered. Last November (2019) we were with the school for 2 days doing teaching, encouraging the students and praying for them and in 2020 we are planning to spend more time at the school as we develop our relationship together moving forward, supporting them in any way we can. 

The school is being registered with the Indonesian Government and plans to offer Degree courses; students currently are doing a three-year ministry certificate.  


One of the challenges for the leaders of the STTAM school is providing a consistent supply of clean water for the students. The school is in a remote forest area with no town water and have limited tank water which is not enough for the 60+ students and staff. They have looked at the option of drilling a well, but the water table is very deep, so this option is way too expensive. As a result, they are looking to build a bigger water tank so more water can be harvested and stored.

Any funds donated for this project should be sent to Missionary Ventures Australia who will in turn transfer them to our partners in Nias who will ensure they get to STTAM. Receipts will be required from STTAM for all material purchases and work done on this project.  Photos and project updates will also be provided so there will be total accountability. 

MVAsia will also have a team back on Nias in November 2020.


For further information on this project and bank details please contact - Phil Plowman

                                                                                                                                  Regional Director MVI Asia Pacific




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