Anmatyerr Ethnoarts Scripture Engagement

indigenous people connect with Scripture in a culturally meaningful and relevant way

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Indigenous Australian Ministries

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Updated 16-02-2024

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Local artists creating using their own artistic forms is a powerful way for indigenous people to connect with Scripture in a culturally meaningful and relevant way, through artistic pursuits such as painting, music, drama and dance.

God has given our Australian Aboriginal friends incredible artistic talents, especially in music and painting. While having the Bible translated into their heart language helps them to understand God’s Word, culturally meaningful artistic expressions are another way of sharing God’s Word and their faith in him. Paintings are a natural way for Aboriginal people to interact with each other, and to share their stories. When artists sit down together painting, they talk about the Bible story and it draws them to God. Additionally, the paintings may be used to tell the Bible story to different generations so that kids, young people, and older people may all understand God’s Word, even if they can’t read it.

The funds raised will be used to cover painting materials, transportation and food costs for events and workshops where local artists create paintings of Scripture in forms they know best.

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