Help Dannok Baptist Church in Thailand.

Help children those parents are involved in prostitution or drugs

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Project Summary

Children and Youth Ministries Sex Workers

General Funds Needed

Dannok, Thailand

Not Tax Deductible

Updated 30-06-2020

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Project Details

MVA has received this request for help from the Pastors of Dannok Baptist Church in Thailand.

Dannok is a town situated on the southern boarder of Thailand & Malaysia and the highway from KL to Bangkok goes right through the middle of Dannok which is infamous for drugs and prostitution.

Dannok Baptist church is reaching out to the children whose lives’ have been impacted by this and either have parents involved in prostitution or in jail for drug related charges.

MVA is working closely with Dannok Baptist Church and our Regional Director has made a number of visits to the area to see first hand the situation.

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